Philly Brings
Its Own Philly Brings
Its Own
A journal of restaurant culture and community A journal of restaurant culture and community
03 Issue

DoorDash founded on the belief that one restaurant’s story can help or inspire another. We’re proud to elevate stories that connect local restaurant communities and celebrate the craft and ingenuity that makes them so vibrant.

Philly Brings
Its Own

Letter From the Editors

Everybody Likes Us, We Don’t Care

Philadelphia Magazine’s food critic on the irrepressible attitude that is the key ingredient of the city’s restaurants.

Vetri’s Family

How one restaurant gave birth to many.

Plant to Plate

The cheesesteak may be the global mascot of Philly. But a contingent of pioneering chefs and restaurateurs have made the city a hub of vegetarian innovation.

Come One, Come All!

The city’s Eritrean-Ethiopian restaurants serve up more—way more—than delicious food.

The Breadwinner

How Juan Carlos Aparicio baked his way to running a restaurant (that isn’t a bakery).

What’s the Frequency, Alex?

How Alex Tewfik went from being a food editor in Philly to owning one of the best restaurants in town.

On a Mission

Two restaurants that share a belief in how cooking can be force for change.

The Ambassador of Spice

How Chutatip Suntaranon channeled her upbringing in Thailand—and life spent flying around the world—into one of Philly’s most singular restaurants.

Make It On Our Own

Stopping by the warehouses in Kensington where artisan upstarts are breathing new life into the city’s food scene.

Survival of the Tastiest

The Ongoing Evolution of Philly’s Classic Sandwiches.

Break On Through

Chloé Grigri, Amanda Shulman, and Ellen Yin on upending the rules of the game.

Plan Z

Mike Solomonov takes stock of his journey.

The Regulars

When a customer becomes a friend.

The Many Lives of Saté Kampar

Ange Branca was forced to close her beloved restaurant in 2020. That was just the beginning.

Everything Old is New Again

How do you build a restaurant in a space that was never meant for a restaurant? In Philly, a city of Revolutionary Warera buildings and colonial row houses and ancient warehouses, it can be a bit like playing Tetris with Benjamin Franklin.

The Dish on Love

Three Philly couples get frank and intimate in sharing their recipes for romance.

Your Place or Mine?

Inside the world of homespun pop-ups and unexpected collaborations that have made Philly’s dining scene like nowhere else.

Wild Spirits

The classics are easy enough to master by anyone with fine liquor and a recipe.

Photown Philly

The city has long been a vibrant hub of Vietnamese food. Today, a new generation is striking a balance all their own—between creativity and tradition, innovation and memory.

Lessons On the Line

An ode to the unsung heroes of restaurant kitchens from a comedy writer who couldn’t take the heat.

Advice to Your Younger Self

A cell phone has been invented that allows you to send one text message to your younger self. What do you write?